Mt. Zion Christian Church

Mt. Zion Christian Church

Front of Mt. Zion Christian Church

Mt Zion House for men was founded by Mt Zion Christian Church, a nondenominational, Spirit filled body of believers located at 2330 Highway 120, Lake Geneva, WI.

Mt Zion House is an important part of what God has called Mt Zion to accomplish. We believe He has called Mt Zion to prepare people through worship, discipleship, and evangelism for Christ’s return.

Through worship – God’s Word says that we are to offer ourselves daily unto the Lord as living sacrifices. Our desire is to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ in all that we do.

Through discipleship – Our mandate from the Lord Jesus is that we are to make disciples who walk in obedience to the expressed will of God.

Through evangelism – It is the Father’s heart that not one should perish. Consequently, all ministry at Mt Zion should have this same passion whereby we present and proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior.

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